Have you ever washed your hands and had the feeling to spoil it with a high-quality creme ? No? Then it's time for - Jolu Naturkosmetik. 
Jolu stands for handmade and natural cosmetic. We only work with the best ingredients for our products. We also want that the raw materials we use to be from sustainable cultivation. Jolu gives a special care to the cooperation of supplies and producers. Because only with the help of fair dealings with nature and people, such quality products can develop. And whatever is important for our products, also applies for our packages. Only the most necessary - on the basis of environmentally friendly and degradable material. 
Largely without artificial colors and preservatives and with our gentle way of manufacturing, the products keep all their valuable ingredients. And you can see, smell and feel it - in our transparent workshop, at your home or wherever you want to experience Jolu's natural cosmetic.

All Jolu-products were tested by an independent expert.

Carina Benkert
Ihre Carina Benkert



Jolu or high-quality cosmetic products and care products on the basis of largely natural ingredients is the result of the idea and the desire to combine the precious raw materials of nature - almost inexhaustibly and in a different way - for the gentle, rich and enriching cleansing and care of skin and hair , From head to toe - if possible without artificial dyes and preservatives, without industrial production, carefully and fully understanding the effect and the interaction of valuable oils, high-quality essences and noble fragrances in our manufactory Compiled and produced.

The result after ten years of experience is a rich and complete range of high quality natural products for the cleaning and care of face, hair, body, for man, woman and child. 


Natural bathing.

· bathing candy, bathing oils, bubble baths, bathing balls, shampoo bar 

Natural showering.

· shower gels, shower Peeling, shower butter

Natural care.

· facial cleansing, facial masks, face creams, lip care, body oils, body creams, body butter, deodorant stick, shea butter

Natural relaxation.

· sauna infusions

Natural enjoyment.

· accessories, presents

Natural soap.




The heart of Jolu are our soaps. Carefully made in the cold boiling procedure – at temperatures of maximum 65 degrees ° and in an intensive ripe process of several weeks – all our knowledge, all experience and the best which the nature offers of essence, smells, vitamins, oils, fat, minerals and other active substances flows into always new soap creations. Herbal soaps and milk soaps, soaps with and without smell. In our soaps you find the whole coloured variety of natural care and maintaining nature, for a gentle cleaning, a lasting care and a fine, unobstrusive smell of blossoms, herbs, soils and simply nature.

· herbal soaps, milk soaps, soaps of perfume, soaps without smell



People always used the treasures which the nature offers us. For their food. For their health. For their well-being. And that is how Jolu thinks.

Only the best and natural ingredients result in products which maintain, spoil and stimulate skin and hair, body and mind. What you can see, feel, smell and even read up. Since all Jolu products are checked by an independent test institute.

So importantly naturalness and lastingness with the raw materials of our products are to us, this is so important for our packagings. Produced reusable of glass or equally completely from natural raw materials like sugarcane or maize, these are environmentally friendly, in any case – from the production up to the dismantling without remains. How important the raw materials for the production of our products are to us, points the example of our Sheabutter. Only in Uganda, in the region of Pader, we have found the raw material which does justice to our high claims. Because the Shea nuts from Uganda and the oils made from it and butter in composition and kind of the production are the best which the world market has to offer. We have convinced ourselves of it personally and especially for the relation of this high-quality raw material have closed a cooperation with the Blessed Organic release in Pader (Uganda).




The village production co-operative presses and processes biocertificated vegetable oils in the highest quality since October, 2016 with 12 employees on a new production distance. We buy this directly there and without intertraders for the fair trade price, process them in our own products and in addition we enable our partners a sure trade route with fair prices to Europe. Which does not only safes the person of the co-operative and the village in the long term, but also gives the region the understanding for the lasting use of the high-quality natural resources.

school uganda Because this understanding is the basis for a careful and lasting, deliberate contact with what the nature offers especially in Africa so extensively, we also support a school project in the region of Pader. From every sold Shea product, 50 cents go to the school with about 1.147 children in eight classes. This supports the procurement of teaching materials and the removal of classrooms, sanitary rooms and day rooms. When the smallest start to learn, how to deal consciously and full reverence with the nature and what it has to offer, we will be able to keep our resources.





Soap boiling is no sorcery. Even if some one may believe this. You can look for boiling kettles, steaming swaths or oppressive heat in our factory, but you won't find anything like that. Just as mysterious mixtures, from the cover hanging herbal bundles or strange rituals. On the contrary!

How our products – especially our soaps – are really made how we conceive them, put them together almost under lab terms, from different, exactly co-ordinated and measured ingredients and produce in detail-loving manual labour carefully in the cold boiling procedure, You can see in our show manufacture very closely – always on Tuesdays from 14 o'clock.
Or whoever wants to lend a hand himself, and would like to produce quite an individual soap of unique ingredients, who can do so at our -Seifensiede Workshop– which take place regulary and are booked out fast.

24.11.18 - Workshop - 50,-€



Jolu is high-quality care and cosmetics, based on the raw materials of the nature and closely connected with this. Therefore, we do not work in a city but in the Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte full of lakes and with it in the midst of an almost untouched nature. And because we have no secrets about what we do , you can also look to us over the shoulder – in our show manufacture, with our Workshops or on our web page:


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