Hair care

Shampoo Bar - The future of Hair care

Liquid shampoo is oldschool - today the modern hair care puts it all on shampoo Bars. A bottle of shampoo lasts with normal consumption about two months. These are at least six bottles per year. With Conditioner and body gel gather only by shower utensils a big mountain in plastic. Shampoo bars unite all advantages of a modern hair care and at the same time the claim to live in an environmentally friendly way. They contain the classical ingredients of a shampoo, get by without plastic packaging and foam and just maintain as a customary liquid shampoo. Another advantage by the use of shampoo bars is that hair and scalp merely comes in contact with the foam. Skin irritation are avoided by direct contact of the scalp with the unwatered liquid shampoo and appear as rarer. And shampoo bars are still substantially more fertile than liquid Shampoo with 40-50 applications on an average.

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